Application Guidelines for Grant Seekers

Please read carefully only inquiries and proposals submitted in
accordance with these guidelines will be reviewed.

The Ambrose Monell Foundation funds only those organizations that are qualified
to receive charitable grants under the United States Internal Revenue Code and
applicable regulations.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.

In order to ascertain if your organization and its proposed project or program fit
within the Foundation's guidelines, kindly submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).

LOIs may be submitted at any time during the year and are reviewed on a
continuous basis (there are no deadlines for LOIs). LOIs should not be more
than three pages long and should include the following:

The name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number for the
organization, and for the primary contact person for the request;

The mission and a brief background statement about the organization;

The use to which the funds will be put;

The amount to be requested.

Please be advised that the Foundation does not provide updates or status
reports for LOIs. If you would like confirmation of receipt of the LOI, please
submit your LOI by certified mail return receipt requested; or by private courier
who can confirm delivery. You may also send your LOI with a self-addressed
stamped envelope to be returned by the Foundation upon receipt of your submission.

The review process for LOIs takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Applicants will be
contacted by the Foundation only if the LOI receives a favorable response. At
that time, the Foundation will request a detailed proposal and, if helpful, schedule
a meeting with the prospective grantee. Proposals are to be submitted only upon
invitation unsolicited proposals will not be reviewed.

We do not require proposals to be in a specific format. The proposal should

The name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number for the
organization, and for the primary contact person for the request;

A fuller description of the organization, including a brief history and its

The use to which the funds will be put. If not seeking funding for general
operating purposes, include a summary of the project or program for
which you are seeking funding;

The amount requested.

The time when the funds will be needed;

Current financial statements.

Proposals are reviewed by the Board of Directors twice a year, once in June and
once in December. In order to be reviewed in June, proposals should be
received by April 30th and to be reviewed in December, by October 31st.

LOIs and proposals should be sent to:

George Rowe, Jr., President
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
c/o Fulton, Rowe & Hart
One Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 301
New York, NY 10020-2002

Alternatively, they may be sent by electronic mail to:


The Ambrose Monell Foundation